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Can't think of a better way, to "scorch" a shirt! -MrB.

Mmm. Love this pic! I just can't help enjoying the fact that you're making an every-day outfit and chore so damn sexy. I wonder what it would feel like to come up behind you, to rub your beautiful tits through your shirt and bra, to feel your cute little booty through my shorts while I kissed your neck from behind as your skirt slid to the floor. To smell your hair and feel your body press back against me as your hungry little snatch searched for satisfaction. The feeling as my body responded to yours, my cock stiffening for you, needing to fill you, to stretch your greedy pussy, make you feel full. Sliding my shorts to the floor and feeling your soft, warm backside grind back against me before I slipped into your warm, velvety snatch as you claimed my cock as your own. Mmm. You little hottie! ; ) MMM I would love to be behind you doing anything, but if I only get to do it while you are ironing then I will get you as much ironing as I can. Gotta strike while the iron is hot and the starch is stiff. Nice backside, playtoy! Mmmm thats a great ass bby :) love to catch you when your ironing or not lol. You iron all you want darlin and I'll make it fun for you. Sweet ass.